Denise Gale shows paintings and works on paper.


October 4 – 27, 2014
Opening Reception: October 4, 5 – 7pm

Ille Arts
216 Main Street, Amagansett, NY
Gallery Hours: Friday – Monday 11 – 5

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Evident decisions count in abstract painting, or at least they should be. But they’re tricky and dangerous for good painters. Lesser painters either let the “process” govern everything - this stain or drip or splotch just “happens” to fall where it does - or they think up a system or a series of algorithms that relieve the artist of the nasty decision-making. Denise Gale - a really good painter and then some - isn’t afraid of decisions. She cuts that deliciously awkward curlicue through a wide skein of orange or black or lime green or pink with a risky incisiveness that could make or break the whole painting. (They always make it, or she starts semi-over and fights with the painting until it works). It helps a lot, of course, to have the uncannily indelicate sense of touch, color, paint surface and interior scale that Gale also has. All these qualities together enable Denise Gale's paintings to pack a lovely punch.

—Peter Plagens, 2014